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Training services include a number of innovation related courses that are led by an experienced trainer who has been delivering innovation for many years.

Training can be delivered on site or at a location convenient for your organisation subject to appropriate facilities. Alternatively contact us and we can arrange a course at one of our partner training establishments.

See a list of our current training courses below:

The Innovators training course

The Innovators training course is aimed at anyone in your organisation who is required to participate in innovation activities such a:

  • – Idea generation
  • – Idea and product development
  • – Creative development
  • – Developing and refining a proposition (pre-business case)
  • – Idea collaboration

The course is a one day overview which will lead to employees becoming better innovators and deliver an improved flow of higher quality ideas into the idea pipeline.

The Innovation managers training course

The Innovation managers training course is aimed at employees and managers who have responsibility for managing and delivering an idea pipeline. The course includes:

  • – An overview of the innovation management process
  • – Innovation business case development
  • – Project and stage gate management
  • – Recognising “fast fail” ideas
  • – Idea refinement and development approaches
  • – Influencing key decision makers
  • – Innovation mentoring
  • – Essential communication and marketing skills for innovation
  • – Tailoring project documents and processes for innovation.

The course is a one day extension of the innovators course which will result in qualified innovation managers who are able to deliver a robust innovation process resulting in successful delivery of innovation.

Delivering innovative projects course

Innovative projects must be agile and responsive to be able to successfully deliver value. Many innovative projects fail to deliver value to the customer or end user, or even deliver anything at all because they are stifled by traditional project management methodology. Business cases take too long, plans are too rigid, risks are improperly managed and customer feedback is inadequate. In addition to Agile delivery approaches, innovation teams must embrace a different philosophy when it comes to successfully delivering innovative projects. This course will provide the participant with all of the tools and knowledge to be able to deliver innovation successfully.

The Blockchain essentials course

Introduction to blockchain and how it will impact business in the future. Course provides attendees with a solid overview of what the blockchain is, how it works and it’s business context. Half day course.

The Blockchain fundamentals course

In depth course to further explore the implications of blockchain including smart contracts, internet of things (IoT) and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). One day course. Courses are generally delivered at client sites unless otherwise required, where alternative arrangements can be made. Contact Richmond innovation to discuss your training requirements.

Extreme productivity workshop

After many years of refining an approach to productivity I have put together a number of core principles that will make anyone productive beyond what they thought possible. The Extreme Productivity course is innovative in it’s approach and content and will help individuals deliver far more, in less time and with more focus, whether for personal goals or business objectives. Beware! This course will transform your capability to achieve much more in life.