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We can provide a sustainable process for taking ideas from creative conception through to successful project delivery. This requires a process that is both refined and fit for purpose for the organisation. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and the idea pipeline must be configured appropriately.

Richmond Innovation can provide services that support the idea process including challenge definition, creative idea workshops, strategic review procedures, business case development and agile delivery approaches.

Online collaboration

Richmond Innovation has partnered with Solverboard for online collaboration to enable us to bring our clients idea management and open innovation services on the Solverboard platform. We are experts at implementing and running innovative online collaboration campaigns and we can help you get the most out of them through application of best practice, workshops and innovative project implementation.

Solverboard is a market leading platform that has helped drive innovation for a variety of organisations. See below for an overview of their product ecosystem.

Richmond Innovation - Solverbaord ecosystemFor more information on Solverboard you can visit the website at:

Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds

Bringing people together to work on a challenge can be expensive and inconvenient, particularly if they are geographically and functionally diverse, but it is this very diversity and collaboration that can deliver valuable insights. Online idea campaigns allow diverse groups to work together, in their own time, on ideas and solutions. Here at Richmond innovation we are experts at managing and delivering online idea campaigns. We also provide support during the review and decision making process, allowing you to prioritise the highest potential ideas for delivery.

Success principles of on-line idea campaigns

Delivering a successful on-line idea campaign requires planning and management. The challenge needs to be clearly stated, numbers of participants should be wide enough to ensure good collaboration and they should be fully ‘bought in’ and committed. Senior management sponsorship will also help with campaign success but one of the most important aspects is communication. Participants need to know that their ideas and collaboration are valued, regardless of whether the idea is developed further. Campaign marketing and timing are also important to deliver a good flow of ideas before participants ‘run out of steam’. Watch this space for our up and coming white paper on delivering successful idea campaigns. Please contact Richmond Innovation to discuss your requirements.