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Idea management – Are you engaging your most creative resource?

Idea management – Are you engaging your most creative resource? Organisations rarely evolve optimally. More often than not organisations layer new processes on top of old ones and are stifled by legacy practices. It is the people who work in your organisation who are impacted most. They come to work with the skills, knowledge and

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5 attributes of innovative organisations

Innovative organisations are defined by their ability to deliver market changing products and services rapidly. Small entrepreneurial start-ups do this naturally because they have no choice, but established organisations sometimes need reminding of the best practices that will improve their innovation capability. Here are 5 attributes of innovative organisations, there are others, but these 5

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The future of loyalty is blockchain

In recent weeks there has been much speculation in the area of crypto-currency with the price of Bitcoin hitting a high of around $20,000 before correcting 50% to the downside. These huge swings in various crypto-currencies detract from the underlying blockchain technology and it’s potential utility in a variety of business applications. Customer Loyalty is

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It’s not about Bitcoin – How Blockchain will change the world

Forget Bitcoin as a technology. As a pure cryptocurrency it’s primary purpose as a replacement for other currencies is somewhat flawed. As a pure technology it would never stand the test of time as a currency if protecting your wealth against inflation is an argument. What happens when another better technology comes along. There are

5 Innovative new years resolutions for your business

At the beginning of the year we often consider how we can transform ourselves. But how do we transform our business to become more innovative? Here are 5 Innovative new years resolutions for your business: 1. Make goals – Starting the new year many organisations re-examine their strategy and goals. Innovation should not be omitted

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Value driven innovation. 5 tips to avoid gimmicky innovation.

The FT this week highlighted the plight of some organisations innovation efforts, delivering more gimmicks and novelties than real world ideas that transform the bottom line and offer customers a new way of doing things. Read more here; The article goes on to explain how collaboration is the driver behind real world innovation, but