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It’s not about Bitcoin – How Blockchain will change the world

Forget Bitcoin as a technology. As a pure cryptocurrency it’s primary purpose as a replacement for other currencies is somewhat flawed. As a pure technology it would never stand the test of time as a currency if protecting your wealth against inflation is an argument. What happens when another better technology comes along. There are

5 Innovative new years resolutions for your business

At the beginning of the year we often consider how we can transform ourselves. But how do we transform our business to become more innovative? Here are 5 Innovative new years resolutions for your business: 1. Make goals – Starting the new year many organisations re-examine their strategy and goals. Innovation should not be omitted

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Value driven innovation. 5 tips to avoid gimmicky innovation.

The FT this week highlighted the plight of some organisations innovation efforts, delivering more gimmicks and novelties than real world ideas that transform the bottom line and offer customers a new way of doing things. Read more here; The article goes on to explain how collaboration is the driver behind real world innovation, but

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A paradigm change is here. Are you ready to innovate?

The world is facing a paradigm change We are facing a technology driven paradigm change in business and society. It is no secret that business models, products, services, culture and behaviours are changing. We are entering a new era of game changing innovation and new technology. New market entrants are also turning business upside down.

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Venturefest 2017 – What can established organisations learn from entrepreneurs?

Venturefest 2017 – What can established organisations learn from entrepreneurs? I recently attended Venturefest 2017 at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. By all accounts it was an excellent event and a great opportunity to chat to and listen to presentations from entrepreneurs, financiers and new start ups. The morning started with a predictably encouraging speech

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Four reasons innovation needs to be re-prioritised

Now, more than ever, innovation should be your number one strategic imperative. Businesses that fail to innovate rarely survive, especially in times of great change. We are entering just such a time right now. Huge technological changes will alter the business landscape almost beyond recognition in the years to come. Here are four reasons that

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Innovation teams. Do we need them?

As an innovation professional I’ve worked on innovation teams and with new venture project groups for many years. Around 10 years ago it seemed that innovation teams could solve the problem of making organisations more innovative. In recent years however, emphasis has been given to customer experience, technology and social media, while innovation has seemingly