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If you’re not Agile you’re probably not Innovative

…and 8 Agile principles that innovators need to embrace, and why Agile and innovation are inseparable and in many ways are one and the same thing. Depending on how we define innovation we could say that innovation is the continuous delivery of value to our customers and a culture that promotes creativity, ideas and learning.

Managing Innovative Projects

The course on Managing innovative projects

The definitive course for managing and delivering innovation projects You can register with the course by clicking on the link below: Once you have registered with you will get lifetime access to the course. Why innovation project management? Innovation has become a buzzword in recent years, however, now more than ever it is

Guide to managing innovative projects

The ‘Guide to managing innovative projects’ is now available for free download. This guide covers a range of subjects including: – Agile project delivery and approaches – Innovation project risk management – People factors in innovation projects – Planning and the project manager – Innovation portfolio management – Where project management fits into the idea

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Can you cut costs and innovate at the same time?

If you’re doing it properly you can. Innovation can always be applied directly to cost reduction through Lean strategies and process improvement. However, the bigger fish to fry is always going to be through new ideas that lead to increased revenue. This is often considered a luxury during lean times. Implementing an innovation capability initially

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Available now – The Innovators Manual

Available now – The Innovators Manual The Innovators Manual is now available from This innovation manual forms the basis for the Richmond Innovation ‘Innovators course‘ and provides the reader with the background, theory, process and tools needed to contribute to an organisations innovation goals. Who is it for? The Innovators Manual is for people

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Delivering innovative projects and ventures

Traditional project management Project management and delivery has changed a lot in recent years and standardised approaches that require adherence to rigid standards, production of reams documentation and requiring strict controls are no longer delivering value in the most effective and efficient manner. Detailed business cases that attempt to predict all possible outcomes, project plans

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Idea management – Are you engaging your most creative resource?

Idea management – Are you engaging your most creative resource? Organisations rarely evolve optimally. More often than not organisations layer new processes on top of old ones and are stifled by legacy practices. It is the people who work in your organisation who are impacted most. They come to work with the skills, knowledge and

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5 attributes of innovative organisations

Innovative organisations are defined by their ability to deliver market changing products and services rapidly. Small entrepreneurial start-ups do this naturally because they have no choice, but established organisations sometimes need reminding of the best practices that will improve their innovation capability. Here are 5 attributes of innovative organisations, there are others, but these 5

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The future of loyalty is blockchain

In recent weeks there has been much speculation in the area of crypto-currency with the price of Bitcoin hitting a high of around $20,000 before correcting 50% to the downside. These huge swings in various crypto-currencies detract from the underlying blockchain technology and it’s potential utility in a variety of business applications. Customer Loyalty is