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Agile leadership coaching

The Agile Leadership Coaching practice is now available to clients across the North West.

We are based at Alderley Park in Cheshire and have clients both on site at Alderley Park and across Manchester.

What is Agile Leadership Coaching?

Unlike Leadership coaching or executive coaching, Agile Leadership Coaching focuses on the business and leadership practices that create agility, such as behaviours, culture, values, beliefs and the structural elements in an organisation that support agility.

Agile has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years as organisations are embracing the fact that they cannot stand still. The world is changing rapidly and being highly responsive to customer needs is essential, not just to profit, but to survive.

Organisations try to address this by implementing Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban or other Agile frameworks as they attempt to deliver value more rapidly to customers. However, what is often missing is the philosophy and culture at higher levels in the organisation that is so essential to creating agility.

I’ve seen this many times working in the area of innovation. An organisation has a strategic push for innovation, they create innovation teams and bring in consultants to develop their innovation capability, they focus on ideas and projects, but they neglect the most essential components. Leadership, culture and values.

Invariably the innovation capability struggles to deliver value because the rest of the organisation lags behind and leadership is not equipped to deal with the new paradigm. It’s no different with Agile. Scrum teams can only do so much, the rest of the organisation must be aligned to support them if true organisational agility is to be achieved.

From complicated to complex

A challenge that cannot be ignored

The business environment is evolving from being a fabric of complicated systems, where Lean and Six sigma provided efficiency and quality gains, to a complicated and unpredictable environment where there is a need to respond to constant and unexpected change. Being Agile and living and breathing the values of Agile has never been more important.

Those organisations that are not ready to respond quickly to change are not sufficiently anticipating the risk. Both large and small organisations alike must build processes and systems that allow them to adapt and continually change. The driving force for this must come from the top which is why Agile Leadership is so important.

How I can help you

Whether you are looking to scale up your business and grow with agility or you are a larger enterprise that needs to embed agile practices at all levels of the business I can help.

A free initial consultation will help me to discover your current agile maturity level and I will provide you with some high level practical recommendations. Beyond that, you may choose to continue to work with me in a coaching capacity, where I can continue to assess and provide support to improve your organisations agility and thus improve customer satisfaction, speed to market, innovation and responsiveness to change.

For more information visit the Agile Leadership Coaching service page.

David Richmond is a certified Scrum Master, PRINCE2 AgileĀ® practitioner, certified coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and has worked in the area of innovation for many years, developing and implementing innovation culture and process.

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