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Available now – The Innovators Manual

Available now – The Innovators Manual

The Innovators Manual is now available from This innovation manual forms the basis for the Richmond Innovation ‘Innovators course‘ and provides the reader with the background, theory, process and tools needed to contribute to an organisations innovation goals.


Who is it for?

The Innovators Manual is for people engaged in innovation activities who want to understand best practice and have access to a variety of innovation tools. The innovation manual provides an intermediate level overview of how organisational innovation can be delivered effectively. It will provide the reader with tools to contribute to an innovation capability through creative idea generation, collaboration, product research, idea development and business case preparation. The innovation manual is in modular course format and provides the reader with follow up exercises which will help to provide them with the tools that they need to become an effective innovator in an organisational context.

What will you learn?

– Why innovation is essential to organisations.
– How to become a better innovator.
– Idea development.
– Tools to help you innovate more effectively.
– Application of the innovation process.
– Collaborative innovation.
– Presenting and promoting your ideas.


The Innovators Manual is available now From

Future releases

The Innovators Manual is the first in a series of releases from Richmond Innovation. Please look out for the ‘Innovation Managers Manual’ in 2019, the complete course for anyone involved in managing innovation. Also available now – ‘The Guide to Managing Innovative Projects‘ which is free to download.

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